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  • Repair & Convert


    We have a longstanding engineer, who, with sophisticated equipment and many years of experience will refurbish, repair and convert all types of telephones, both from this country and abroad.

    Before any phone is sent out, it is thoroughly tested, given a final check and guaranteed for 3 months.

    What you need to do if you need our services

    See Contact Us page for all the ways to get in touch. We are available Mon-Fri from 9am-5.30pm and on Sat from 9am-1pm ( other times by prior arrangement), for you to talk to us or you may email  us at any time.

    What it will cost for repairs, conversions, modernising and cleaning

    After we have examined your phone we will let you know what we suggest should be done to fit in with your requirements.


    Our wealth of experience working with old telephones enables us to do repairs efficiently and therefore our prices will undoubtedly be competitive. We can even quote for mending broken or cracked Bakelite. We have an impressive array of original parts which we can use to effect an authentic repair or restoration.


    Conversions involve replacement of some key parts as well as a thorough servicing and we do this for a host of different types of telephones.For example, the 700 series dial telephones can be converted for around £15. Parts typically involve replacing the microphone and the fitting of a new modular lead; the price depending on precisely what parts are deemed advisable to put your phone into best working order. Similarly, an “average” GPO Bakelite telephone would cost £20 plus parts to convert.

    Our engineers routinely convert foreign telephones, but being in some cases of poorer quality than GPO telephones, they may be more expensive to convert than their British counterparts.

    Updating and modernising

    We use sophisticated equipment to give you the advantage of using your telephone on both B.T. and other networks; a capability that few other companies can provide. We can convert dial telephones to modern tone dialling, including *and # facilities, memory dialling and last number redial.If you are not with BT please look up "rotatone" on our website and discuss this with us if of interest prior to dispatch of your telephone.

     We  return the phone uncleaned. We sell the plastic and bakelite cleaning  products on our website so that you can maintain your telephone to this standard yourself.

    Testing and Return

    All phones are thoroughly tested by the engineers and then a final quality check is done before dispatch . A charge of £9 per parcel is made to return the phone to you.

    Getting the phone to us

    If you need to send the phone to us, please put it in a stout cardboard box and ensure that it is wrapped very well. Bakelite and plastic phones need a lot of protection. Bubble wrap is very effective as are extra pieces of cardboard, old material or polystyrene packed around the item and to fill out the box. It is important that any separate parts to the phone are not allowed to move against each other and these should be wrapped independently. Also, make sure that the phone cannot move ie is not loose within the box. If you have one or more phones to send to us, it is likely to  be cheaper for you to arrange with us to use our carriers at a charge of £9 per parcel, but of course the packaging is still your responsibility.


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